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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS 75$+                                                                                                                                                                                                          ORDERS ARE SHIPPED WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS
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Hobeika Art is the journey of a former actuary and blessed Mom of two who now makes a living from her passion. After all, life generously sprinkles a few hints for us along our path – it’s up to us to listen, to trust, and to accept where the road leads us. I’m extremely grateful to life for showing me a way back to my long-neglected brushes and watercolour palette. Through them, I’m able to connect with you and to humbly add a touch of beauty to your day.


All products are locally-made and ecofriendly.


Hobeika Art is also deeply philanthropic at heart; every year, I give back however I can, in donations or time. All this is made possible thanks to your loyal presence.


I feel infinitely privileged that my work coincides with my passion and that I get to wake up every morning itching to begin a new colourful day.


Josiane Hobeika

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